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Marimba concert

St. Anne school was treated to a wonderful Marimba concert on Friday, October 15. Mr. and Mrs. Flaviani played four songs with expertise and professionalism. Now, are you thinking, "What is a marimba?" It sounds like a dance, right? Far from it. The marimba is a Guatemalan percussion instrument. It was brought to the country by African slaves in the sixteenth century. Today, it is popular throughout Central America and Mexico. Many thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Flaviani for this special treat!

Blessing of the Animals

By Mikayla Cheng

Our school’s Spanish teacher--Señor Marco--has decided to follow a celebration that has been around for a while. October 4th is the Feast Day of Saint Francis of Assisi. He is known for being a generous, gentle soul. Furthermore, he also showed a deep love for animals and nature. In honor of this, Señor Marco thought it would be nice to have some of the St. Anne students have their pet animals blessed. Parents are more than welcome to bring their cats, dogs, and any other animal species to be blessed. Although, the whole idea of blessing animals came from Saint Francis’s love for them. So, here is a brief history about this kind, animal loving soul.

    First of all, Francis was more than just a saint. He was a loyal Catholic friar, philosopher, and teacher. He was born into a wealthy family and lived in Italy during the early time of his life. After this, he spent the rest of his time on Earth devoting everything to God. Unfortunately, he died in 1226 AD. Two years later, he was recognized as a saint by the Catholic Church. Saint Francis of Assisi is one of the most highly respected Christians in history, which is why many people celebrate his Feast Day. Like Señor Marco, some encourage people to bless their pets as a sign of respect towards Saint Francis. We can do things for his feast day: attending a mass, giving thanks to him, being charitable, and showing affection towards animals. So, if you have a pet that you want to be blessed with, take Senor Marco’s generous offer and give thanks towards our benevolent Saint Francis.